Our Process 🤝

Step 1

Get in touch through our Contact form and we will contact you by e-mail to schedule a phone call or video meeting.

Step 2

Meet with us by phone call or video meeting. This free meeting will help us determine if Bentodesk is the right fit to serve your business.

Step 3

Sign-up for the Bentodesk Support Plan and gain access to your client portal.

The client portal gives you access to submit help desk tickets, interface with us on projects, pay and view invoices, and schedule Consultation Meetings.

Step 4

Schedule your first Consultation Meeting.

Every Bentodesk Plan includes a quarterly Consultation Meeting. Schedule your first right away so we can begin planning how Bentodesk can help your business improve through technology.

Step 5

Become familiar with the client portal and make full use of it to submit help desk tickets, schedule Consultation Meetings, and interface with us on projects.